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Next Storm is a company specializing in stormwater management. We rigorously develop
and manufacture products for stormwater quality control as well as for the control and
storage of additional volumes. This, thanks to a multidisciplinary team of researchers and
professionals in hydraulics, planning and the environment.

Next Storm is a division of the Brunet Group, which consolidates our know-how with more
than ninety years of manufacturing experience. Our design and manufacturing processes
guarantee high quality products that meet customer requirements and applicable standards.


Our certifications

MELCC: Our SDD3 hydrodynamic separator system is certified by the Ministry of the
Environment and the Fight against Climate Change. Add the foundations for this certification.
PATENT: SDD3 is patented in Canada. To have
VTE (ETV): SDD3 obtained its ETV certification after going through the environmental
technology verification process. This certification demonstrates that our technology exceeds
the standards in place and makes an environmental difference.

Our partners

The School of Graduate Technologies: We have worked together with ETS to develop the
best technology for our oil and sand separator system.
Fraenkische: This world-renowned German company has created an innovative retention
basin that optimizes storage volumes while minimizing costs. We have joined forces with
them to distribute the Rigofill ponds in North America.
Water Technology Center: We have worked together to develop the best technology for
the best results.