Oil Grit Separator (SDD)

The SDD3 by NEXT Stormwater Solutions is an enhanced hydrodynamic separator which uses a twin vortex design along with gravitational and centrifugal forces to effectively remove sediments (TSS), floatables and oil from surface runoff. The removal of other harmful pollutants such as N, P, Pb, Cu, Zn, which are commonly found in stormwater runoff, will also occur as these pollutants naturally couple themselves to suspended solids. As a result, the SDD provides increased protection for the receiving waters as well as any downstream process.

Superior performance is guaranteed as the SDD offers an exceptional surface loading rate.  

The SDD3 was developed by NEXT Stormwater Solutions in collaboration with the Polytechnic University in Montreal. Laboratory testing was performed by the Centre des technologies des eaux (C.T.E).

The performance of the SDD3 has been verified by the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program and has been successfully laboratory tested according the NJDEP 2013 testing protocol.

SDD vue intérieure

SDD internal view

Advantages of the SDD3 System

  • Twin vortex design which provides enhanced treatment.
  • Large sediment and oil storage capacities with no risk of wash out.
  • Simple and easy installation, similar to a standard concrete manhole.
  • Highly resistant manhole structure made from reinforced concrete and internal components made of high quality aluminum with excellent mechanical properties.
  • Proudly developed and fabricated in Canada.
  • Inspection and maintenance easily performed from the ground level.
SDD composants


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SDD fonctionnement


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Installation and maintenance

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SDD capacité de traitement

Sizing and performance

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SDD information technique

Technical specifications

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