SDD installation

The installation of an SDD3 Oil Grit Separator is very simple and similar to a standard manhole.

  • The SDD3 is composed of various prefabricated manhole sections which are delivered to site loose.
  • The flow diversion insert is factory installed and requires no additional onsite assembly.
  • The SDD3 can be designed for an on-line or an off-line installation.
  • The inlet and outlet pipes are at the same elevation, simplifying design and installation.
  • Alignment arrows and lifting lugs are provided on all SDD3 components.

For more information, please consult our installation guideline

Installation d'un SDD

SDD maintenance

Inspection d'un SDD

One of the design objectives when developing the SDD was to simplify inspection and maintenance.

The SDD3 inspection and maintenance are easy and performed from the ground level without having to enter into the unit.

Independent access to oil and sediment areas make SDD3 maintenance safe and easy.

In collaboration with our partners we can offer the SDD inspection and maintenance services. We can also provide free training to our customers who want to perform the maintenance themselves.

Please refer to the SDD3 maintenance manual or contact us for more information.