Performance et dimensionnement du SDD

Superior performance is guaranteed as the SDD3 offers one of the best surface hydraulic loading rate on the market.

  • The SDD3 effectively remove sediments, floatables and oil from storm water.
  • The treatment efficiency of the SDD3 has been tested and evaluated by an independent 3rd party laboratory and validated by an accredited firm.
  • The performance of the SDD3 has been verified by the Canadian ETV program.
  • The SDD3 has been successfully laboratory tested according the NJDEP 2013 testing protocol.
  • The SDD3 is approved for use according to the latest MDDELCC requirements.

When sizing and comparing Oil Grit Separators like the SDD3from different manufacturers, it is important to be familiar with the regulation in effect, the removal efficiency required, as well as the water quality treatment flow.

  • The performance of a hydrodynamic separator like the SDD varies based on the hydraulic loading rate and the particle size distribution used during the evaluation process.
  • Testing protocols, like NJDEP and ETV, are used to evaluate the performance of commercially available stormwater treatment devices on an equivalent basis.
  • These testing protocols are the basis for Municipal and Provincial regulations and by-laws. It is important to note that the results obtained will vary depending on which testing protocol is used.

SDD sizing

The SDD3 ensures an optimal storm water treatment for a wide range of flows.

Dimensioning and sizing of SDD is simple to adequately meet the specific project requirements.

The following section depicts the main regulatory criteria to keep in mind when selecting an SDD model. Certain criteria can vary depending on the project location. Please refer to the local regulatory agency or contact us for more detail.

Dimensionnement du SDD