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What is EZStorm

EZStorm is an innovative solution for underground infiltration, retention, and storage of stormwater runoff. EZStorm’s 96% storage capacity and modular design make it an ideal choice even for tight construction spaces. 
Flexibility, rapid installation, and ease of use allow EZStorm to be used in a variety of applications.  


Modular concept

Optimized storage volume

Easy assembly

Easy to perform inspection

Ultralight alveolar structure

Structure adapted to the type of work



EZStorm is a solution for the retention or infiltration of underground rainwater.

The water is intercepted in the modules before being gradually returned, in nature or in the network. In addition to or as a replacement for alternative conventional infiltration techniques such as drainage networks, gravel or valleys, EZStorm offers a fully modular system with a perfectly optimized storage / infiltration volume. 

The optimization ratio of the useful volume goes from one to three compared to gravel ponds for example, which considerably saves space and excavation operations. The modularity and ease of installation of the EZStorm have many advantages, both for the client and the installer.

How it works


EZStorm Installation 


Is the inspection complicated to perform?

EZStorm ponds are 100% inspectable from the surface using a standard inspection camera with security cable in the inspection tunnel
in 2 directions and 4 dimensions.

How can we get technical support?

When you purchase one of our products, our team provides technical support and after-sales service by phone, email and video conference.

What are the differences between ST and ST-B?

The choice between the ST and ST-B system must be made according to one criterion, the type of traffic that will have to pass through this area. Indeed, the ST system allows a heavy road to pass without causing breakage, versus a light road for the ST-B system.

What are the advantages of an alveolar structure?

Storage volume is maximized when the system uses a honeycomb structure. Indeed, the alveoli allow water to circulate and they allow maximum retention. In addition, this type of structure provides better structural resistance.

How should we transport our products?

EZStorm tanks are transported to the site by truck and can then be assembled. Thanks to the configuration of the different components of the EZStorm basin, the storage space is reduced which facilitates transport at low cost.

How to determine the size of the product?

To determine the size of the system, we recommend that you contact a representative directly so that they can assist you.

Are the accessories essential to the operation of the system?

The EZStorm basin has very few accessories compared to traditional arched basins. Certain accessories such as connection faces and side plates are necessary for the operation of the EZStorm system. However, other accessories such as the pre-treatment row and the concrete inspection window are optional.


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