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How does the SDD3 unit work?

Our system uses centrifugal and gravitational forces to
remove sediment and oil. The SDD3 uses a double vortex system which guarantees
superior performance.

What materials are use to make up your system?

The interior sediment removal system is made of 5052-H38 aluminum, an alloy with high mechanical properties not subject to heat treatment with good resistance to fatigue. In addition, it has excellent resistance to corrosion even in salt water. The exterior structure is made of reinforced concrete and complies with manhole manufacturing standards.

Is it possible to install the pipes at an angle?

Yes, it is possible to install an angled pipe.

What is the maximum pipe diameter for each unit model?

The maximum pipe diameter
for each unit model varies by model. Usually it is the same as a standard gaze from. Indeed, our treatment system is installed inside a standard reinforced concrete manhole.

Is it complicated to install your product?

No, our product is installed exactly like a standard manhole. The interior part is preinstalled at the factory. The rest of the installation can be done on site.

Is an anti-flotation slab required under your units in situations of high water table?

No anti-flotation slab is unnecessary.

What are the weights of your units?

The weight of our units varies from model to model. On the other hand, those which are installed in a standard manhole (SDD-900 to SDD- 2400) have the same weight with a few small differences as a standard manhole. For larger models, the weight varies depending on the project.

What are the certifications of the SDD3?


What is the maximum flow that can flow through the processing unit?

The maximum flow that can circulate in our system is the same as that which can circulate in the rainwater network. Our system has been designed to be installed “In-Line” in all situations.

What is the effect on the piezometric line?

The effect on the piezometric line is negligible when compared to that of a standard manhole with the same alignment of the pipes.

Has it resuspended the oil / sediment during "extraordinary" events such as back-ups and if the unit submerges?

There is no problem that arises if there is repression or the
unit is overwhelmed. In addition, there is no resuspension of oil or sediment already

Is cleaning / maintenance complicated?

Cleaning / maintaining the SDD processing unit is very easy. Everything can be done from the surface of the ground. The cleaning is carried out using vacuum trucks.

Where do your products come from?

Our products were designed in Quebec, however they are manufactured by our partners according to the geographical position.

How can we get technical support?

When you purchase one of our products, we provide technical support and after-sales service by phone, email and video conferencing.

Questions / Réponses (F.A.Q.) – RIGOFILL

Is the inspection complicated to perform?

Rigofill ponds are 100% inspectable from the surface using a standard inspection camera with security cable in the inspection tunnel
in 2 directions and 4 dimensions.

Where do your products come from?

Rigofill ST and ST-B products come from France. They were developed and manufactured by Fränkische, a multinational company known for its innovations.

How can we get technical support?

When you purchase one of our products, our team provides technical support and after-sales service by phone, email and video conference.

What are the differences between ST and ST-B?

The choice between the ST and ST-B
system must be made according to one criterion, the type of traffic that will have to pass through this area. Indeed, the ST system allows a heavy road to pass without causing breakage, versus a light road for the ST-B system.

What are the advantages of an alveolar structure?

Storage volume is maximized when the system uses a honeycomb structure. Indeed, the alveoli allow water to circulate and they allow maximum retention. In addition, this type of structure provides better structural resistance.

How should we transport our products?

Rigofill tanks are transported to the site by truck and can then be assembled. Thanks to the configuration of the different components of the Rigofill basin, the storage space is reduced which facilitates transport at low cost.

How to determine the size of the product?

To determine the size of the system, we recommend that you contact a representative directly so that they can assist you.

Are the accessories essential to the operation of the system?

The Rigofill basin has very
few accessories compared to traditional arched basins. Certain accessories such as
connection faces and side plates are necessary for the operation of the Rigofill system. However, other accessories such as the pre-treatment row and the concrete inspection window are optional.