Project Overview

Habitat for Humanity required an alternative stormwater solution to retention ponds, which sacrificed precious real estate. As the main feature of this build is an interior private driveway for visitors and service vehicles.

EZStorm was the solution! This geocellular infiltration module cell, available in half and full sizes, is designed to easily custom form a strong, long-lasting structure. This combines an extremely large storage volume with complete inspection visibility and controlled water release. This system can also be combine with the ETV certified SDD3 oil grit separator – sediments, oils and pollutants such as lead and zinc found in storm water run-off are trapped and filtered.

The end product resulted in a strong sustainable storm water system that is both technical and adaptive with the end goal of a better tomorrow.E


The replacement of a terminal at the port of Quebec allowed to increase the number of visitors to the site.

Dalton Rd. Georgina Habitat for Humanity, the largest York Region build, was facing the risk of flooding.

The Réseau express métropolitain is an important public transit project.